Amnesia 1.0 released – database rollbacks for automated UI tests

One of the central problems of automated software tested is how to deal with tests that have side effects. Ideally, each test is isolated from all other tests and as such has no side effects. For tests that cause changes to a database, transactions are a great help to undo all changes made during the test. However, for UI tests and integration tests that span tiers of your application transaction management is difficult.

At VC3 we’ve solved this problem for our own automated UI tests and I’m happy to announce we’ve released the code as free, open source software: Amnesia.

With Amnesia the setup and tear down of automated UI tests is easy and very fast. Amnesia uses distributed transactions and forces all requests made to the web app under test to participate in a database transaction so all work can be rolled back at the end of each test.

Please check out the project site for more information and to download the code:

Thanks to Graeme Hill (High performance database rollback in automated tests with SQL Server) for the concept.


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